Throughout history, casinos have been the setting for numerous intriguing stories of cheating and scandal. From clever schemes to high-tech gadgets, some individuals have attempted to beat the odds and outsmart the casinos. In this article, we delve into the captivating world of famous casino cheaters and the scandals that have left a mark on the gambling industry.

1. The MIT Blackjack Team

One of the most well-known casino cheating tales involves the infamous MIT Blackjack Team. In the 1980s and 1990s, a group of brilliant students and mathematicians from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) came together to form a card-counting team. They utilized advanced card-counting techniques to gain an edge over the casinos while playing blackjack. Their successful exploits earned them millions of dollars until they were eventually caught and banned from various casinos.

2. Tommy Glenn Carmichael and the Slot Machine Devices

Tommy Glenn Carmichael is a name synonymous with slot machine cheating. Over the years, he developed a series of devices, such as the “monkey paw” and the “light wand,” designed to manipulate slot machines and trigger payouts. Carmichael’s inventions worked for a while until casinos caught on and upgraded their machines to prevent cheating. Despite multiple arrests, he continued to find new ways to cheat until he finally turned his life around and became an anti-cheating consultant.

3. The Roselli Brothers and the Roulette Scam

In the 1970s, the Roselli Brothers executed an audacious roulette scam at the Casino Deauville in France. They bribed the casino’s employees to rig the roulette wheels in their favor. This scheme allowed them to win huge amounts of money before their plot was discovered, and they were arrested. The Roselli Brothers’ scandal remains one of the most daring and elaborate roulette cheating incidents in history.

4. Richard Marcus and the Chip Cup Scam

Richard Marcus gained notoriety for his clever chip cup scam. While playing blackjack, he would place high-value chips at the bottom of his chip stack and use sleight of hand to swap them for lower-value chips when he won a hand. This tactic allowed him to appear as if he was betting less than he was, fooling both the dealer and the casino. Marcus’s devious methods earned him significant profits until casinos caught on and enhanced their security measures.

5. The Edge-Sorting Technique

Edge sorting is a technique used to gain an advantage in certain card games, notably baccarat. The method involves identifying tiny imperfections in the patterns on the back of playing cards to determine whether they are high or low value. Famous poker player Phil Ivey used edge sorting to win millions in baccarat games at several casinos. However, his actions were deemed as cheating, and he faced legal battles as casinos sought to recover their losses.

6. The London Roulette Scandal

In 2004, a group of gamblers orchestrated a sophisticated roulette scam at the Ritz Casino in London. They used a laser scanner hidden in a cell phone to measure the speed and trajectory of the roulette ball, allowing them to predict the winning numbers with astonishing accuracy. The perpetrators walked away with substantial winnings before their operation was exposed and they were prosecuted.

7. Dennis Sean McAndrew and the Slot Machine Fraud

Dennis Sean McAndrew devised an elaborate slot machine fraud scheme that involved using a “top-bottom joint” to manipulate slot machines in the 1990s. The top-bottom joint was a device that he inserted into the machine to trigger payouts. McAndrew’s operation went undetected for several years until he was caught and sentenced to prison.

8. Louis “The Coin” Colavecchio and Counterfeit Coins

Louis Colavecchio, also known as “The Coin,” was a skilled counterfeiter who used his talents to create counterfeit slot machine coins. He managed to circulate these coins in various casinos, reaping substantial profits until he was apprehended. Colavecchio’s case became one of the most notorious instances of counterfeit coin fraud in the casino industry.

9. The Borgata Poker Scandal

In 2014, the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City fell victim to a poker scandal involving counterfeit chips. A player, Christian Lusardi, used fake chips in a poker tournament, causing chaos and leading to the tournament’s suspension. Lusardi was eventually caught when he tried to flush the counterfeit chips down the toilet in his hotel room.

10. The Absolute Poker Insider Cheating Scandal

In 2007, an insider cheating scandal erupted at Absolute Poker, an online poker site. A group of employees with access to players’ hole cards used this information to cheat in high-stakes games. The cheating was eventually exposed, leading to widespread outrage and legal actions against the individuals involved.


The world of casino cheating and scandals is filled with fascinating stories of deception, ingenuity, and audacity. While some cheaters have managed to beat the system temporarily, casinos have responded with increased security measures and advanced technologies to detect and prevent cheating. These captivating tales serve as a reminder that the gambling industry is not immune to fraud and deceit, but also highlight the vigilance and commitment of casinos to uphold fair play and maintain the integrity of their games. As we navigate the world of gambling, it is essential to stay informed about these historical incidents, ensuring that we can enjoy our favorite casino games with confidence and trust.

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